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Spring Lacrosse Registrations Open!

Hello SYL,


Spring Lacrosse registrations are now open. Please use the "registrations" tab to access.


Spring 2023 Boys Lacrosse


Registration Period: February 10th - April 21st

Normal Practice Starts: Sunday, March 19th. You will notice a different practice schedule this year due to the anticipated late snowmelt and city projects keeping city fields closed until early May. Expect to start ealier (March 19th) and go Sundays through May 5th at one of the school district turf locations, likely the high school field or lower turf area. Come early May, we will transition to three practices per week for the remainder of the season.

Season Ends: Sunday, June 4th


Details are subject to change. Please read this carefully-if you still have questions feel free to call me, Andy Flax, at (970) 846-0651.

Steamboat Youth Lacrosse will be offering a Spring 2023 U-11 Boys Lacrosse program which will be open to all 3rd and 4th grade boys.

We aim to have fun while learning the sport of lacrosse. The three objectives of Steamboat Youth Lacrosse are:

  1. Sportsmanship
  2. Effort
  3. Stickskills!



Game Schedule:

1.) Vail Lax Jam - in Edwards/Eagle (May 6-7)

2.) Aspen Shootout - in El Jebel (May 13-14)

     Weekend of May 20-21 - No games planned

3.) Steamboat Classic Lacrosse Tournament (May 27-28)

4.) Rocky Mountain Jamboree - Stenger Athletic Complex in Arvada (June 4)

Please be sure that this is a season that you and your player are willing to commit to. We will collect known conflict dates from everyone during the registration process. Some tournaments do not schedule games until previous game results are known, so please be patient in these situations.


Cost & Equipment:

Participation Fee: $575

U.S. Lacrosse Membership Fee: $30 (To be paid/registered on your own at

Uniform: Our game uniform is the same as last year and consists of the following: a Jersey, a Shooting Shirt, Shorts, and Socks. Jerseys will cost around $25, Shooting Shirts will cost around $25, Shorts will cost around $25, and Socks will cost around $10. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE UNIFORM ORDER FORMS WITH THIS REGISTRATION TO GET ANY NEW PIECES FOR THIS YEAR. YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THESE ORDER FORMS AFTER YOU FILL OUT THE WAIVERS, THERE IS ONE FOR EACH UNIFORM PIECE. Uniforms will be paid for when they are distributed, not on this registration. If you already have all of the uniform pieces, you do not need to buy more. 

Equipment: Each player must provide his own equipment. A full set of equipment includes a lacrosse stick (a backup is suggested), lacrosse helmet, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse shoulder pads, lacrosse arm pads, mouthpiece, cleats, and an athletic cup. Please, no hockey equipment! For more information click on the "Equipment Guidelines" tab on the left side of the homepage.

Parent Responsibilities:

Most importantly, parents are expected to be good role models and represent SYL in a positive manner. Please cheer for players and good plays; please do not root against players or for cheap or dirty plays. More details are in the “Behavior Agreement”.

Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from practices and games for their player. Parents are also responsible for checking their email regularly (starting now) to stay current on any changes or updates. If parents do not have easy access to e-mail, they are responsible for finding another parent who can keep them updated.

Changes will also be posted on the homepage of the Steamboat Youth Lacrosse website: Checking the website and your email is a quick way to stay updated. Please understand that we are unable to call everyone when a change is made.

If there is an issue with other players or coaches, please follow the protocol found under the “Behavior Agreement.”

Please ALWAYS send your player with adequate water. A large water bottle is recommended - the more the better.


This is a reminder that new rules went into effect in 2022 requiring shoulder pads with "SEI" heart protection certification. These pads have been available for a while and many players already have them. Please check that your player's shoulder pads have this certification mark:



Don’t forget to:

1. Fill out the online Waiver, Medical Release, Health Condition/Allergy Form, Behavior Agreement, Conflict Date Form, Covid-19 Waiver, Parent Responsibility Form, Back to Play Procedure Form, and Uniform Order Forms. You will be guided through all forms during the registration process.

2. Make sure you receive an Email Confirmation indicating that you have properly registered. This will be sent to whichever email you entered during the registration process. Please let me know via email if you did not receive an email confirmation by emailing

3. Pay the appropriate amount - only credit cards are accepted. If payment is not made within 12 hours of registration, the registration will drop out.

4. Put together a complete set of equipment ASAP. Don’t wait to get equipment as players will not be allowed to practice without it and April 3rd will be here quickly.


5. Attend the Parent Meeting (likely virtual this year). One parent or guardian must attend the parent meeting. The date, time, and location of this meeting will be emailed to you at a later date. DO NOT plan on getting this information from someone else. We will go over our entire season and what we expect from players and parents. Questions you will have throughout the season will likely be answered at these meetings.

Call ANDY at (970) 846-0651 if there is a need for financial assistance. 

Questions? Email or call ANDY at (970) 846-0651.

We are looking forward to a great season!



by posted 12/02/2022
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